A Teachers' Circle 

 A Six Month Development Programme for Teachers 

Take time to re-inspire your teaching and your practice

For most teachers, the 200hr teacher training is a life-changing experience. Whether you took your training intensively over a month, or spaced out over a longer period of time, your training will have asked you to dive deep, to ask questions and to challenge some of your own habits, assumptions and thought and patterns.


You may have taken your training recently or a long time ago. Perhaps you felt confident and ready to teach right away, or perhaps you found it difficult to get started. Perhaps you are a new teacher finding your way through class sequencing, establishing new classes and studio auditions, or you may be an experienced teacher who's feeling a bit stuck in the routine of what you're teaching. You may be teaching part-time and struggling to find time for your own practice and development, or you could be a full-time teacher who has lost a little bit of the passion you once had. If you are a Yoga teacher looking to immerse yourself in your own development as a teacher this programme is for you.

I was fortunate enough to take my advanced teacher training at Triyoga over a 22 month period which I completed last November. The experience was different to my 200hr training in that everyone was already a teacher. Everyone had something to bring to the group, their own perspective, their own opinion, their own gifts.


In this 6-month development programme I will create an environment that will draw on your existing knowledge and interests to benefit the group through structured, thematic workshops. By the end of the course you will feel (re-)inspired and confident to plan and sequence brilliant thematic classes based on physical and/or philosophical concepts.   

What's included? 

  • A small closed group of up to 8 teachers

  • 6 x 3-hour face-to-face workshops (dates below)

  • Set reading and points for contemplation each month

  • A closed Facebook group for participants

  • A project to complete over the summer between July and September modules (optional)

  • Peer observation homework - to observe and feedback on one other participant's teaching and to have the same for yourself

Workshop format

  • Practice related to the theme with Ayesha

  • Discussion on the text set for homework

  • Workshop related to the theme that month

  • Seated breathing and meditation practice (you will be encouraged to start a daily practice during this period)

Dates and themes

  • 28th April 9.30am - 12.30pm

    • Continuous learning. Setting development goals for our practice and our teaching

  • 26th May 9am - 12pm

    • Intelligent sequencing for any style of practice

  • 23rd June 12pm - 3pm 

    • Story-telling and theme-weaving

  • 14th July 12pm - 3pm

    • Developing our own style and voice as a teacher

  • 29th September 12pm - 3pm

    • Holding space and taking the seat of 'teacher'. The ethics of teaching

  • 27th October 12pm - 3pm

    • Maintaining health and happiness and avoiding burnout

The group is limited to eight people and the investment is £180 for the six months. 

Please contact Ayesha at templeofyogastudio@gmail.com with any questions or book online here. We look forward to sharing this special journey with you.